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The National Student Advertising Competition is an annual event hosted by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). College students from across the U.S. compete to develop an integrated marketing campaign for a Fortune 500 company. As the production director for my team I oversaw the creation of all photo and video content from conceptualization to final delivery. My team produced tailored video content for all platforms, including social, digital, and broadcast.

The Team:

Account Directors: Lauryn Johnson, Talina Hajar
Executive Creative Director: Kyndal Workman
Creative Director: Cora Synnes
Media Director: Jacqueline Fox
Strategy Director: Alex Balfe
Art Director: Sophie Manis
Production Directors: Christian Lau, Kieran Hart (Lead Copywriter)

The Challenge:

We have been challenged with creating an innovative campaign that will increase loads washed in cold water to 75% by 2030 and resonate with 18 to 35-year-old consumers. While Tide’s past campaigns have been successful among consumer 35 and older, a refreshed approach will reach and connect with a younger demographic.

We aim to position cold water washing as a universally advantageous step for every laundry routine. By situating Tide as a brand concerned with addressing its climate impact and aligning with the true concerns of the target, this campaign will build positive brand sentiment and consideration. Tide understands the reality of laundry and wants to help the target see how this simple task can have big benefits for all.


Paid Social:

Campaign Plansbook:

Campaign Photos:

Creative Executions:

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